How you can change your life and business with NLP? Let me tell you a little story…

A few years ago, I scheduled about 19 sales calls with my potential clients and for two weeks, I was practically glued to the phone.

How many of those clients signed up with me?


Yep, not a single person said “Yes please!”

It was heart-breaking but I recognised what was happening. Those wonderful people on the phone were reflecting my insecurity around money. My energy was simply off.

So, I looked within, attended my mindset, addressed my fears.

And this gloomy story? Yes, it DID have a happy ending. 💃

Things started to pick up again quickly and in fact, I ended up working with many of those women.

You see, our business is one giant mirror. It reflects our deepest beliefs, emotions and behaviours – day in, day out. So the first thing to ask ourselves when something is not working? “How is this mirroring me?”

Example: “I have many followers and they ‘like’ my stuff but nobody is buying.” (I hear this one quite often!) Strategy aside, this can be a reflection of:


The very evaluation – “nobody is buying” – can create a new belief and your business will start reflecting that belief immediately! Remove the belief first.

Sometimes it’s as simple as becoming aware of what we are saying to ourselves on a repetitive basis and asking ourselves: “What if this was not true?”

Other potential limiting beliefs connected to this specific example include “I don’t have enough credibility / experience for people to invest in me”; “People don’t value me enough to pay me for my advice” / “I’m not good enough / worthy enough.”

Whatever belief it may be, it starts with awareness. Then, it’s time to let it go.


Back to the example “I have many followers but nobody is buying from me.” After you tackle limiting beliefs, it’s time to look inside (yeah, sometimes it’s a bitter pill to swallow) and ask ourselves: “How about me?”

“Am I following one too many people but not investing fully in anybody? Or perhaps – Am I the type of person who is investing wide rather than deep? Am I trying to solve my problem by absorbing as much free advice as I can?”

Whatever behaviour you identify, it’s time to change it. Simples.

So that mirror (aka business) of yours can show you what you WANT.

To wrap up… when something is not working in your business, the first question you want to ask yourself: “How is this mirroring me?” The second question? “What can I change to get better results?”

This one is about strategy tweaks!!! Which is equally important and MUCH more effective when the ‘mirror’ is cleaned first. 😉

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With love,

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