You are cordially invited to attend the 'Energetic selling & marketing' book LAUNCH 
FRIDAY 22nd March 2019 @9:30AM - 11:30am

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The launch of the Energetic Selling & Marketing book will take place on Friday 22nd March @9:30am - 11:30am at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4DD – one of the most exclusive venues in Central London.

Lenka will also host a panel discussion to explore a gender bias, challenge the preconceptions & blocks that women face and propose a radical rethink on how we teach women to become successful entrepreneurs:


How a new approach to supporting women in business can revitalise our economy.

  • The male and female expert panelists – and highly recognised business thinkers - will be:

  • - exploring the entrepreneurial gender bias; 
  • - challenging the preconceptions and blocks that women face;
  • - proposing a radical rethink on how we teach women to become successful entrepreneurs so that we can redress the balance and more women can gain access to the resources they need.

The discussion looks to explore and challenge the stereotypes surrounding sales technique and ask what each gender can learn from the other. This discussion will enrich your sales technique and give you tools to grow your business with greater ease.

During this morning event you will also get a copy of the Energetic Selling & Marketing book, plenty of inspiration that will help you grow your business faster and you will have an opportunity to network with some amazing industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs.