There is so much to celebrate right now in my little world!

Every day I thank the Universe for the infinite amount of blessings… amongst those, the lives I am able to help to impact via my book and programs, trainings (like this latest Behind the scenes of my $220K launch masterclass) and my Energetic Selling & Marketing Book. 📚

  • In the last week and a bit days, we sold over 350 more books, which is 350 more souls touched. 😍
  • We reached 7,000 members in my Freaking Amazing Facebook group. Yay, it’s plenty of us powerful women changing the world!🎉
  • I just opened the doors to my NLP coach certified training next year, one of my favourite things to do…the amount of changes and growth during that training week is simply mind-blowing!
  • Recently, we had incredible multiple 6-figure launch, meaning, a lot of powerful women now dived into EGA curriculum and are well on their way to creating 6 and multiple 6-figure businesses.

So, I thought it would be good to do something super special for you. So, that’s why I decided to run a very special masterclass:

Behind the scenes of my $220K launch

During this special masterclass, I will be sharing with you all good, not-so-good, and great things we did during my latest launch of my signature program Extraordinary Growth Academy:

    • 💥 Essential marketing tips for launching with ease and keeping your sanity in check;
    • 😍 Energetic practices I did before, during & after the launch;
    • ❌ A few mistakes I plan to avoid next time – and you should too;
    • 💰 Key mindsets that are behind EVERY successful launch.

My only aim of this masterclass is to serve you, connect with you and share “behind the scenes” of my company a bit, to help you launch and sell out YOUR incredible offerings with much greater ease.

Join us for this special masterclass on Wednesday 24th July at 4pm BST/11am EST here:

With love,