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So I hear you desire the best support possible on your way to creating massive business and personal breakthroughs through the power of your energy? 

Great call! 

Here is a loving invitation and an opportunity to talk with us and explore what that support might look like. 

During this brief 20-min exploratory call, we will tune into your circumstances and what you want to accomplish, and help you decide which of my programmes will support you best. 

Please be assured we are against any traditional ‘pushy’ sales tactics! The call will simply be a genuine conversation between yourself and me, or one of my dear clients (Monika). 

You will be the one who will be making the final decision about your next steps, and if it’s a strong ‘yes’, you will book yourself into one of my programmes via a link provided. 

Ready? Let’s do it! 

With all my love,

Book a call with monika

Monika Molnar is one of Lenka’s dear Extraordinary Growth Academy clients and a Divine Feminine Energy Activator. Extremely intuitive and a “wise, old soul”, she is ready to help you tune into your energy and decide powerfully for yourself what are the next best steps for you.

Book a call with Monika if you’d like to enquire about EGA, Lenka’s main group programme, or are unsure which of Lenka’s programmes will support you best with your challenges and desires. 

Book a call with Lenka

If you are an established woman entrepreneur with a huge desire to scale your income and impact to 7 figures and beyond, and bring a lot more ease, grace and flow into your business, working with Lenka in a close capacity thorough her Royal Ascension Mastermind can be a game-changer for you.

Please feel happy to book this call with Lenka to decide whether this mastermind experience is a good fit for you, and explore what you can create together. 

If you are having trouble finding a suitable date for your call in Lenka’s available calendar, please email – and we’ll sort you out pronto!

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