No matter how far you have come, or how far you have to go, your life and your business have much more potential than you may have dared to dream of. Anything is possible…

You know this to be true, right?

The thing is, business tactics and strategies will not get you there alone.

But when you integrate a deeper, more energetic aspect into your business strategy?

When you marry business strategy with ENERGY?


And anything will become possible for you!!

That, my darling, is exactly what we’re going to do in 8 weeks time at Extraordinary Live 2019!

During this powerful weekend, we will be working on you, your energy and your mind to activate that next level of potential within, so you can:

  • Stand out from the crowd and attract masses of soul-aligned clients with ease
  • Increase your fees by as much as five times and sell with greater ease than ever before
  • Make money – and lots of it – DAILY by doing your best work in the world.

In March, we’re going to leave every bit of thinking small behind and claim EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH; those gorgeous clients of yours; money; your next level of freedom; your next level of impact.

“But Lenka, is Extraordinary Live for me? Will I benefit? I’m only starting with my business / I am already well established and want to scale up?”

Yes and yes. Going by the list of powerful women who have already claimed their places, there are those who are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, there are those who already make money by doing what they love (and want to grow) and there are others who are six-figure, multiple six-figure and seven-figure business owners.

And so it should be. Because this event is not about where you are now but about where you’re going.

While we will be working on some specific business growth strategies (that’s important!), everything you’ll learn will be applicable to you, no matter what stage you are at. Plus, we will be working on:


You’ve heard before – maybe many times – that if you want to be super successful in your business, you’ve got to think bigger than anyone else you know.

That’s true – but the reality is, it’s not as easy to fully own that big thinking. Well, that’s about to change!

During Extraordinary Live, we will tap into your next level of consciousness which will allow you to see, with clarity, who you’re meant to be, what kind of impact you are meant to create in the world and how you can get fully aligned with that vision.

You may get brand new ideas during the event and then bring them into reality (just like one of the last year’s attendees who received an idea for a book and TV show and went on to write 2 books and launched her very successful show in 2018). Or, you will be able to own what you can already see, with absolute certainty.

Activating your vision alone can completely change the course of your 2019!


….via which you’ll be able to claim your unique place in the marketplace, attract masses of your soul clients, and sell your genius with ease.


… and how you can apply it in five crucial areas of your business, including sales and marketing. We’ll be tapping into your higher levels of consciousness, where that queue of your high-end clients, huge impact, ease, an avalanche of money and freedom live.

So my darling, if you have a calling in your heart which is saying, “You’re meant for something bigger. You’re here to make a huge impact.”, then Extraordinary Live is for you.

There’s NOTHING you cannot create, allow and receive this year. NOTHING. And in March, you won’t just know this to be true for you. You’ll embody this truth fully.

Are you ready for that level of business? That level of being? That level of freedom?

Then I invite you to join us and claim your Extraordinary.

In March, everything will change. We are going places, gorgeous.

Are you coming?

You’re worth it!!

With all my love,

P.S. Just a little note: Should you wish to attend Extraordinary Live and take advantage of 3-part payment plan, please do so asap as it’s disappearing in the next few days. Click here to learn more.