So, your heart burns with a message that no one seems to be able to extinguish, no matter how hard they’ve tried?

Welcome gorgeous.

I am here to help you put that message to work, scale your business to multiple six and seven figures, and make an extra ordinary impact on the world. and your life with it!

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I’m Lenka, fire-filled and tactically-trained business strategist and Mindset Maven; an NLP certified Master Coach and Trainer; a “super mom” (not my words, but I’ll happily take them) to three boys; wife to one wonderful husband; and a slave to one bossy cat.

No cooking skills in sight (but don’t worry – my kids eat a lot and often). So I compensate this with amazing skills that help women to come to their fullness and succeed in a business that feeds their soul and bank account in equal measure – big style.

That’s fair, right?

CONSUELA DEZSO - Career Transformation and Business Coach

I sold out my group program, launched a retreat and raised my fees!

“When I started working with Lenka, I was charging $1,500 for my private coaching package and I had never launched a group program.
With Lenka’s help in getting over my fears and blocks, as well as her amazing support and encouragement, I sold out my group program, I’ve launched a retreat, and I now confidently charge $8,000 for my private coaching package.”

– CONSUELA DEZSO, Career Transformation and Business Coach

LOVING DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. It takes real dedication to get results like this.
We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes or overnight success.

Why am I that high-powered woman you were looking for?

Because I have been where you are. Because I have done what you want to do – impact thousands of people with your gift and be generously paid for it. Twice. Because I know and understand the power of thought + powerful action. Because I know, without a doubt, that one needs the other, so with a healthy mix of energy work and a honed-in strategy, you will claim your “Fully Booked!” status and create a queue of your soul, high end clients.

The Details

Here’s where I tell you about me. Because, after all, this is my About Me page, so grab a cup of tea and read on..

I’m Lenka. Once upon a time, I built a coaching business before it was the thing to do (ten years ago to be exact). And it reached 6-figures. It was phenomenal. I got a rush guiding the people I worked with to the success they’d longed for. (I’m pretty sure there’s a name for this addiction.)

Then, I made one gigantic mistake.

To cut the story short – I managed to lose everything in a matter of months.

My social media profiles were gone. My database was gone. My business was gone. And above all? My confidence was gone, gone, gone.

I muddled through the ashes, barely making ends meet. Then one day, I dropped my boys off at school and went to the ATM, only to find I had exactly £7.30 to my name. £7.30! There I was, an “accomplished” woman with years of business experience, having trained and coached hundreds of people (some of them at board level of global organizations).Yet I was totally wasting my talents and unable to afford a family dinner. I was deeply embarrassed and acutely aware that something had to change – right there and then.

So I changed in that moment. I COMMITTED. I refused the struggle to be ‘normal’ for one more day, and decided to claim my brilliance and do whatever it took to succeed.

And I did.

Today, not I have a beautiful and far bigger business than the one I lost – a business that guides many gifted women to that place of success working with their soul, high-end clients, creating extraordinary impact on the world, and changing their lives as a result.

Because nothing sets me on fire like my work. Just as your fire has kept you awake night after night. I’m excited to meet the challenges that you face, because it’s another opportunity for you to see and learn just what you can become as you grow through them, as you discover who you REALLY are, and what you were meant to bring to this world, as you become a successful business woman in your own right.

This is your chance. Take it.

What makes Lenka different?

World-class coaching skills. A decade of experience growing other women’s businesses. Honesty. Love and care for her clients. Unwillingness to settle for anything but best. No BS attitude.

importantly? She doesn’t just talk. She delivers. See what her clients say about working with Lenka.


freaking amazing tribe

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Emily King - The Rich Woman Mentor

“I Sold Out!”

“My first ever group launch? 20K, SOLD OUT launch – without a website or Facebook ads and with less than 200 people on my mailing list.
With alignment, a good plan and Lenka in your corner, anything is possible!”

– EMILY KING, The Rich Woman Mentor

LOVING DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. It takes real dedication to get results like this.
We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes or overnight success.

And if you’re interested in the stuffy 3rd person bio, here it is:

Lenka is the creator of the Extraordinary Growth Academy and Energetic Selling Method™, author of the ‘ENERGETIC SELLING & MARKETING’ book (get it HERE), international trainer of NLP,  one of the leading coaches for women entrepreneurs in Europe, mom to three amazing boys and wife to one amazing husband.

Originally from Slovakia, at 19 she made her way to the UK and entered the hospitality industry, making a name for herself as a powerful, award-winning leader and manager in the field. Lenka has continued the tradition of blazing trails ever since then.

Her work has led world-class women to find, connect and create impact with their soul, high-end clients because she understands the need for energy work coupled with strategy. She is the only ABNLP certified trainer in the UK with a 100% certification score.

And her uncanny ability to spur women to action, with proven business strategies, mindset work and communication techniques, sets her clients up for their own magnificent levels of success.

Connect with her HERE to find out more about enrolling in one of her programs or to work with her one-on-one.

“After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately signed 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.”

– SARAH NEGUS, the Modern Day Shaman

LOVING DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. It takes real dedication to get results like this.
We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes or overnight success.

With Me

With Me