One of my gorgeous VIP Mastermind clients celebrated her first business anniversary during the recent Extraordinary Growth Retreat in Slovakia. In that one short year, she went from not having a business at all, to making a quarter of a million pounds by doing what she absolutely loves. How freaking amazing is that?

As I congratulated her, I realised, “Bloody hell, it’s also exactly three years since I took my coaching business online!”

In those three years, a lot has changed for me. I grew my income by more than 20 times; I considerably expanded my client base (and what a WONDERFUL client base! I cry when I contemplate how lucky I am to work with such powerful and wonderful women as my clients!); I upgraded my lifestyle big style; I birthed my little man number three, and my work has been featured in various mainstream publications (read the latest one here).

But it doesn’t take three years to make these kinds of changes.


I know that all of my clients who grow rapidly and I share a few things in common. Here they are – call them, ‘The A-Z of rapid business growth insights’, if you like. 🙂 And I hope you’ll take something away from the list!

  1. We refuse to settle, period. We are willing to go through the discomfort of changing things. We are willing to bet on ourselves again and again and “go for it as if our life depended on it.”
  2. We know what we stand for. Clients come to us because they want more clients. Or heal their relationship with money. Or attract a dream relationship to their life. Or get better after a separation. You name it. The point is there is no guessing what our businesses are about.
  3. We learn and we learn all the time. You’d never hear a phrase: “I know enough, I just need to apply what I learned” from a very successful woman entrepreneur!
  4. We work on ourselves. Daily. Because we know that our businesses can grow only as much as we do.
  5. We spend money to make money. We know that our business is not a piggy bank and it needs to eat to flourish. We make investments in our businesses and ourselves at all times.
  6. We stretch our ‘trust’ muscles often. We don’t always know the full how. What we know, however, is that if we don’t follow our intuition, we’ll pay for it later.
  7. We don’t always get it right. And that’s ok. We are willing to fail, more than once. We embrace ‘failure’ and do things better next time.
  8. We go deep instead of wide. We don’t get caught up in the next shiny object syndrome (is that the right phrase??). Instead, we become aware what skills and areas of business we need to master, and we work on them until we do so.
  9. We love to sell. And we sell often. We sell with passion.
  10. We love to serve. And we serve often. We serve with passion.
  11. We care more about the impact we are making than “How will I come across?”
  12. We dream bigger than anyone else we know. And we connect with our crazy big dreams often.
  13. Often, we are scared shitless. And we do that thing that scares us anyway. Because we know that every time we do, we unlock the next level of growth.
  14. We reach out for help when things get ugly. And believe me, sometimes they do. We cry, we shout when needed. But we never try and go through shit ourselves.
  15. We celebrate ourselves. Often. We don’t compare ourselves to other women entrepreneurs (at least we do our best not to), only to our yesterday. We stay focused on OUR growth. Our clients. Our impact.
  16. We love money. We don’t feel guilty making shit loads of it by doing what we love.
  17. We consciously take good care of ourselves. Even if not in our nature, we acknowledge that more value we put on ourselves, more value the world places upon us.
  18. We take breaks, but we NEVER stop. We don’t take anything as final. With each goal achieved, there’s next one. With each level of the business created, there’s more growth to create. We don’t believe in comfort zones.
  19. We ask for what we need. We consciously put ourselves even before our children and family members. Because we know that’s the only way to be able to truly GIVE.
  20. We love giving. We give a lot.
  21. We love receiving. We allow ourselves to receive. Often and a lot.
  22. We are women of action. We don’t rely on the big U to drop everything in our laps for we know that our job is to create conditions for everything we want. And we do that by doing the do.
  23. We do our best to be detached from the outcomes of our actions, no matter how tricky at times. We know that as long as we are achieving our goals, sometimes in the most mysterious ways, we are moving forward.
  24. We love both business growth strategy and inner work. They are inseparable and we aim to master both in harmony.
  25. Most importantly, we LOVE this journey. We LOVE entrepreneurship. With all its ups and downs, with all good and ugly, we’d never change it for anything else.
  26. Even when our minds try to tell us otherwise at times. We know that we are DESTINED to create a huge impact on the world, and our own lives with it.

And these are the A to Z of rapid business growth.

With love,

P.S. Is it your time for Extraordinary Growth? After a weekend in Slovakia with some of my gorgeous VIP clients, I could not help but to decide to organise another Extraordinary Growth Exclusive Weekend retreat in the stunning High Tatras later this year. It will happen in October and it’s bound to bring an avalanche of breakthroughs and growth for every woman attending. Would you like to be part of it? Reply and let me know why you’d like to take place – and I shall send you all the details.