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There I was, driving home from (yet another) fruitless local business networking event, crying my eyes out.

This was a few years ago, about 18 months after I lost my first coaching business and was trying really hard to rebuild it.

In spite of working my socks off to get my business off the ground and in spite of attending countless local business networking events and spreading my message as much as I possibly could, I was broke. Dead broke. It felt like nobody wanted to work with me. And I was asking myself, “What’s wrong with me?? There MUST be something inherently wrong with me otherwise I would have made it by now!” I was in so much pain. And so tired – tired of working every waking hour, tired of having to consider every £20 or £30 spent.

So tears were flowing down my face and I felt THIS close to giving up.

But I couldn’t. A little voice in me saying, “You’re meant for something bigger” didn’t allow me to. So as I was approaching my house, I wiped the tears away and told myself, “Not yet. I’m not giving up yet. I’ll do one extra little step. Just one.”

And I did. One little step at a time.

Those little steps soon turned into big leaps and the growth of my business reflected that. (I’m proud to say that soon after that “I’m ready to give up” moment, I took my business online and within 18 months, I was running a multiple-six-figure (now going into seven-figure) business that I absolutely adore.

As it turns out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

I just didn’t know any better.

You see, assuming “I know enough” is one heck of a quiet growth killer.

It’s incredible just how much I learned (and applied!) about growing your business from zero to multiple-six-figures and beyond. A huge amount!

In the last couple of years, I created a bunch of courses where I shared every single bit of what I have learned – and applied – which helped me to make this massive transformation happen.

These courses have already helped thousands of women to create leaps in their own gorgeous businesses.

And today, I have a big announcement for you:

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If you want to make money by doing what you love, you sell. If you want to make BIG money by doing what you love, you let your energy sell.

This powerful course will help you fall in love with sales, multiply your ability to earn within days and use the principle of energetic selling to send your sales revenue through the roof. As a bonus, you’ll also get the Sales on Demand Toolkit (Course #3) so you’ll have the most comprehensive and powerful sales course (from both strategy and energetic perspectives) on the planet.

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Without Facebook groups, my business would not exist, period. In this step-by-step video training, I’ll take you through exactly what I did to get my online coaching business off the ground, establish myself as an expert in my field, get myself fully booked with my soul, high-end clients and build a multiple-six figure business – all through mingling with my ideal clients in a few Facebook groups. No Facebook ads, no advertising, no complicated marketing strategies.

As long as you’re willing to work for your success, this course can be a real game-changer for you.

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Quantum Leap: A sudden, large increase or change. It’s that energetic place that – once you reach it – you cannot come back from. It’s where glass ceilings are shattered and invisible curtains unveil. It’s when your new normal is created.

Whatever your quantum leap looks like (Doubling or tripling your fees? Doubling, tripling or quadrupling your earnings? Getting fully booked with perfect-for-you clients?) this powerful course will help you make it happen, fast.

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If you want to turn your annual income into your monthly income; if you want to make 10x, 20x, or 30x more over the next 12 months than you did over the last 12 months; if you want to grow your impact in the world exponentially – it’s all possible for you. However, It starts with your ability to receive.

This video training will open you up to receiving large amounts of money by doing what you love, align your mind to charging your worth and help you to become a woman who grows her business with grace and ease.

You’ll become a Limitless Receiver. This course also includes Quantum Leap Incubator (course #6) for the most powerful soul & energy shifting experience.

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This introductory NLP & Time Line Therapy™ course will introduce you to some of the most powerful coaching tools on the planet so you can step into your Extraordinary and become a Masterful Coach – a woman who creates deep lasting changes for her clients and her life. Because “one of many”? That’s not you!

This video course also includes the Masterful Coach Toolkit (a library of resources that will help you to focus on your best work and includes a Deep Questioning for Rapid Transformations Guide and a Design your Future Visualisation.

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This video course will take you through exactly what you need to use the power of mini-launches and sell out your high-end offerings in as little as 2 or 3 weeks – from both strategic and energetic points of view.

Apart from a powerful video training (taking you through the 3 stages of your sold-out mini-launches) you will also get a Sold Out with Ease Schedule (so you don’t need to think about what to put out there to sell out your offerings with ease on a daily basis) plus a detailed case study of one of my clients who created her first sold out 20K launch by applying the exact principles taught in this course – without a website, big mailing list or paid advertising.

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This is my way to thank you for being part of my community and to encourage you to take that next step that will help you grow.

That’s how you’ll honour that voice in your head that says,

“You are meant for something bigger!”

That’s how you’ll create a queue of your high-end clients and make an extraordinary impact on the world, and your life with it.

By taking that next step.

With love,


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