You’re probably getting inquiries and people to call you but you hear “I can’t afford you” on a little one too many occasions. If that is your case, there are five things you may want to check and address so that people won’t only inquire and say “Yes, I want to work with you” but they’ll be happy to part with their money and sign up so you can do a real transformation with them.

1. Did I actually build enough know-like trust factor with a client? Because if not, go a little more in your value-based marketing in a way that builds value around your services and you as a professional. In other words, give your freaking best in your marketing, give value and that’s enough.  

We each vibrate slightly differently. It’s very common that somebody will come across you. They will catch one thing that you say and fall in love with your offer and start binge-watching your content. When it comes to them, they will book in a call with you and you can have a nice deep conversation and sign them up.  

2. Do I know that that particular solution I suggested to my client will be the best thing for her/him right now?  Be it a program or mastermind or, one-on-one coaching, do you know that it is the best thing for your client right now?  

You’re going to say “Yes, I know.” But are you making sure that the client knows the best as well? Because oftentimes, we are a little too shy during the sales conversation. Based on our history, women are underselling ourselves. “I hope I do this well, I hope I said the right things,” is not what you want to bring into the sales conversation. What you want to bring is the energy of certainty and opening possibilities for the client.  

3. Is the price and structure of my program in complete alignment? These are a couple of things that all often trip us out.  

Let’s say you create a group program. Because you want everyone to afford it, you lower the price. But then, you wonder why everyone is not buying? 

Actually, misalignment in pricing can be done in both ways. You can underprice what you know is right for the client. You can overprice in comparison to where you are and to the kind of client you’re aiming for.  

So always ask yourself, what is truly the right charge from my ideal client? This is important so you feel rewarded financially and there are sufficient profits for your businessAnother reason why it is important is so you know the price that your client needs to put down to guarantee their full surrender into the process.

4. Check how invested you are into your business, your well-being, your life, and your self-care. If you’re like “Oh yeah, I will do it later on,” you are not making your high-level client a priority. In order for them to be able to invest in your high-level service, you will need to put themselves first.  

Oftentimes, they need to put themselves first before their children, family vacation or that beautiful piece of furniture they were planning to buy. And so, you should put yourself first. Check and ask yourself, “Am I putting myself first?” Putting ourselves first is not easy but actually, it is the most selfless thing to do. 

5. Am I asking for the sale? This is a simple one, the sales conversation is one of those magical things 

I used to dread and hate it because it was all about me me me. It was all about my needs because I needed to pay my bills.  

But eventually, I realised that sales conversation is the most magical transformative experience for the client. You’re opening up a new world of possibilities that they never knew they had. If it’s all in alignment, you have to ask for that sale.  

You are creating such a phenomenal energy shift in a client in that magical moment of selling. This is when the client chooses to part with their money, and that you are 50% there with your transformation. 

These are all 5 things you need to check whenever your prospective clients say they can’t afford you. Have you encountered being rejected by a client before because of your pricing? This will help you get that sale!