In this blog post, I will be talking about 3 qualities you need to GROW a successful business. A few years ago, I was sitting in the audience, watching one of my clients shining on the stage. She led us to brand our businesses from the heart.

For me, it was a fabulous event full of energy and clarity. Trust me, I needed it at that point.

For her, it was the fulfilment of her dreams.

Towards the end of that event, my client offered a group program to those who’d like to experience massive transformation and work with her on a deeper level. How many people expressed interest?


One single person.

As you can imagine, she was heart-broken.

And yes, she could have given up at that point. She could have assumed that “something is wrong with me and people don’t want to invest in me.” (How easy is it to do that when things don’t go well, right?)

But she didn’t.

She pushed on.

Today, she has lots of sold-out programs behind her. And a FULLY BOOKED 1-2-1 coaching diary. She makes more impact than ever before and earns accordingly. She’s freakin’ thriving.

How did that happen?

First of all, “it” didn’t happen. She made it happen. And it’s because of the three critical qualities every single successful purpose-driven entrepreneur needs to have. 3 qualities you need to GROW a successful business:


At the time, my client was helping others to brand themselves. She was (and is) shit-hot at that.

But branding didn’t allow her to express – and give herself – fully. There was way more to her.

She knew it.

And even though she was already established as a branding specialist, she decided to – drumroll – completely re-brand herself.

Today, she is a spiritual business mentor and a transformational business coach. In her work with her clients (she helps them to connect with the Source and get into Flow so they can experience ease when growing their business) she taps into EVERYTHING she has – her super-strong intuition; ability to channel; ability to tune into her client’s energy and lift it; her ability to melt the blocks that hold her clients back. And more of course.

The point is: Today, it makes total sense. Her clients love her and she is thriving.

Back then? It didn’t make sense at all.

Why leave something that “works”?

Because even good things can sometimes limit us. Because even good things can sometimes prevent us from having a life and business we’re in love with.

Why leave something that 'works'? Because even good things can sometimes limit us. Because even good things can sometimes prevent us from having a life and business we're in love with.Click To Tweet

That’s why.


Public speaking used to be one of them.

As a child, she used to be bullied big style.

And while she was perfectly aware that – as an adult – she didn’t need to be scared anymore, the reality was different.

Being in the spotlight didn’t just scare her. It terrified her.

But she also knew that to make a real impact it required her to get over it.

So she did. She worked on her fears and pushed through them until they became obsolete.

That’s how she was able to stand on the stage – and shine – back then. That’s how she can run group programs that change people’s lives.

And this is how you can live your dreams too.


At one point, she couldn’t afford to travel to Central London (And she doesn’t live far from there).

Knowing she STILL needed to invest MORE in herself and her business, we ended up working together.

In spite of having not been able to launch a group program in the previous 18 months, she still had a burning desire to do so.

So I helped her to find a perfect balance between her heart-based approach and a strategy that brings results. I helped her to find words that would express her program in such a way that her clients would get the huge benefit of it.

In a space of several months, she has sold out her first group program. And then another. She got fully booked.

But it’s not because of what I – or anyone else – did.

It’s because of what She did – and the woman she is: A woman who craves to make a huge impact; a woman who is willing to leave the comfortable behind, to create something extraordinary; a woman who can act in faith and never – ever gives up. Not until she is running a business that totally fulfils her.


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