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I want to share the energy and strategy that doubled my cash year in 2022, so you can have your best cash year YET.


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The Energetic Strategy I Used To Double My Cash Year in 2022 – Masterclass

Since I posted the exact month-by-month breakdown of my $​​2,337,212 cash year as a coach (DOUBLING my previous cash year), I got a plethora of, “Congratulations, this is amazing!” messages (thank you!) but also plenty of,

“What’s your secret?”
“How can I make this happen myself?”

 Because the interest I received was huge, I decided to record a masterclass so you can learn:

What worked and didn’t work in doubling my previous cash year, so you can strategise a path that turns the near-impossible into the inevitable, and slay your next 12 months.

How to immediately set energetic intentions designed to achieve big financial success — the same intentions I set in my business that doubled my cash year.

The true underlying power of energetics, and how my energetically aligned strategy led to my biggest cash year yet, without hustle or overwhelm.

My energetic strategy for 2023: an exclusive look at what I’m keeping, changing, and letting go for the year ahead, based on energetic alignment, to inform your own successful strategy for 2023.


A powerful mutual activation of your 2023 intentions to support them fully.

This masterclass would normally cost almost 200 dollars, but because I know you’re ready to create extraordinary growth in your business (and I want to support you), I’m offering it at a very special price.

£155 / $199

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This masterclass is for you if you:

Are ready to call in the wealth abundance you desire.

Are ready to rewrite the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.

Are ready to co-create extraordinary 2023 success NOW.

It’s never too late to have 2023 success.

Make 2023 your best cash year yet.

£155 / $199

£77 / $99